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What’s Your IT?

Scott Wittig’s mission is to create a movement of doing your ‘It’ – what you’re passionate about, what you were put here for and what you’re best at.

He’s an inspiring speaker to young adults, and not-so-young adults, the author of The Second Day, as well as Holy It!  A Guide to Finding and Doing Your Thing – Your ‘It’ and just an inspiring guy.

Scott has established a reputation as the go to guy when it comes to doing what you are passionate about and getting out of the rut that life can become if you’re not doing what you were put here to do.  He is a firm believer that “a rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out” and he is bent on helping young adults to never get into the rut and older adults get out of it before the ends get kicked out.

And he does so by being funny, honest and bold…and telling stories.

His passion oozes out whenever he speaks.  His motivation comes from his calling, to HELP OTHERS ACHIEVE.  Born from some icky stuff as a teen and developed through his vast life and work experiences, Scott’s message will resonate with you.

Scott is a believer, a husband and father, a survivor of two botched attempts at suicide, a coach, a golfer, a soccer player and inspired by Ella Newmiller and The Cure Starts Now.

the latest

*Scott recently spoke to a Convocation at North Carolina State University.  He spoke to 700 undecided (or re-deciding) young adults with his talk, entitled ‘Before the Mortgage.’  The message was well-received by the audience and when he spent time in the classroom the next day.

*Scott was recently interviewed by rock star author and speaker, Todd Duncan – click here to listen –  Todd Duncan Scott Wittig Holy It! interview.

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