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“Scott, you have a gift.”  -Todd Duncan

On a typical website, this page would be called “About Scott.”  Whatever!  You can read about me on the home page.

This page, and what I’m all about, is about you.  When Todd Duncan said those kind words to me, he was referencing my ability to connect with people and to let my passion serve others.

You are on this site because you are seeking something.  You don’t have it all figured out.  You are an educator or meeting planner seeking a speaker.  You are a reader of The Second Day or Holy It!. You are in search of more in life than what you’re getting or doing right now.  You are a nosey friend who just wants to see what I’m up to.  No matter – you deserve to shine and do what you are passionate about.  To serve your purpose for being here.

What are you doing about what you aren’t doing?  That’s the first line of Holy It! I’m here to help you identify your ‘it’ and your ‘second day’.  To help you predict what may or may not happen if you find your second day and start to act on ‘it’. To help you determine how the heck you’re going to do ‘it.’ And to help you execute on the steps needed to make ‘it’ happen.

It’s inside you – you have what you need – we just need to bring it out, find you some cheerleaders and accountability and equip you to get you from inaction to in action.

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