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As Simple As One Word

It’s 7am and your significant other just left the house. Do you remember what she’s wearing?

You’re sitting in church and your Pastor talks about the member who had been fighting ALS and just passed away. Could you point him out if you saw a picture of him?

A downpour comes out of nowhere and starts to soak a man at the bus stop. Did you notice that he was wearing a suit?

A few years ago, I was introduced to an extremely simple concept — One Word. It was put forth in a little book with a big message. The idea is to soul-search, pray for, think about a word that you can use as a filter for your year. Rather than coming up with a grandiose New Year’s resolution – or ten of them – that fades from memory all too quickly, this concept allows you to simply refer back to a word that can guide you. I’ve used it and it works.

In 2017, my word will be ‘See’.

I want to SEE my wife – how she’s feeling, when she needs something, what she’s wearing.

I want to SEE need around me – that the friend who was just short with me has something going on that he may need to talk about, the woman in line who forgot to activate her credit card, the man in church who is now using a walker but wasn’t last week.

I want to SEE opportunities for acts of kindness – the woman pulled over on the side of the road, the dog running through the neighborhood, the man getting soaked in the rain who may be getting on the bus to go to a life-changing job interview.

And ACT.

The word ‘SEE’ is my guide.  The word ‘ACT’ is my goal.

Huh, maybe I have two words. Not only do I want to pick my head up and SEE the things that may normally pass on by but then ACT to make them better somehow.

I challenge you to challenge yourself by finding your one word, then use it for the betterment of you and those around you. I’ve already started – she was wearing a black, white and grey sweater with grey pants and boots, and I told her she looked nice.