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do IT groups

do IT groups

do it groups

HELPING HELPS YOU – that’s our motto

It is incredible what can happen when you get into a group of your peers and starting help each other.  You need help with your ‘it’ or you wouldn’t be on this page.  You can try to go it alone, but you won’t have the support or accountability you need, I can almost guarantee it. 

I’ll make you an offer – sign up for more “It info” to the right and I’ll send you all the materials to start your own group….FOR FREE!

Who should join a group?

Anyone who needs help with a challenge they are facing.  It could be starting a new venture, changing careers or managing your priorities.  In Scott’s ideal world, the groups are used to do ‘It’, which you can learn more about in his book, Holy IT!

How is this different from other mastermind groups?

Our groups are a unique blend of group interaction with fundamentals of coaching built in.  The biggest difference is that you will walk out of each meeting with a written action plan for the next 2 weeks.

Is this a networking group?

No.  Relationship building is a by-product of what we do in the groups, but it is not why you should join.

Is this coaching?

Our groups are self-led.  There are definitely aspects of coaching built into the agenda, but the meetings are led by someone in your group, not a coach.  Scott is available for a limited number of coaching engagements if you would like to go deeper on a topic in a one-on-one setting – go to the WORK WITH SCOTT page for more information.

What are the groups about?

Getting IT done.   Accountability.  Written action plans.  Getting perspective.  Balance.  Fulfillment.  Having a sounding board.  Learning.

What are the groups NOT about?

Griping about your spouse, partner or boss.  Dominating the discussion.  Soliciting others for business.  Something to do just so that you can put it on a resume.

How do I know that I will get the help I need?

Our agenda is structured in a way that everyone gets “their time” and so that one person cannot dominate a meeting.

How much does it cost?


How will we know what we’re doing?

Your group leader will be trained on how to run a meeting successfully.  They, along with all of the members of the group, will have access to a set of ‘Success Tips’ and email Scott as needed.

Is it hard to keep a group going?

Not at all.  It is actually very, very simple and that is on purpose.  Scott’s vision with Holy IT! and do IT groups is to not only lead the horse to water, but get it to drink as well.  In order to do that in today’s crazy busy world, things need to be simple…and running your group will be just that.

Does the group get to control who is in the group?

Yes.  No one can visit your group without being invited by someone in the group or by your group leader allowing them to visit.

Here’s proof — testimonials from do IT groups members

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