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Q. We have a limited budget for speakers, how can we hire you?

A. Let’s get creative!  There may be ways to pull from different budgets (i.e. split speaking fee and purchase of books), get a sponsor or share, coordinate with another department or school, request sponsorships from businesses or organizations in your area, …

Q. How did you get started writing and speaking?

A.  I did a lot of reading and listening to speakers. When I started my first ‘do IT group’ I let them know that I wanted them to use the group for their ‘it’ – their bigger thing.  They didn’t quite get ‘it’ so I said, “I’ll just write a book, then!”  It proved to be a great way to aggregate all the knowledge I had gained from reading and going to conferences.  I’ve always been comfortable in front of large groups doing sales presentations and the like, so polishing my skills and getting in front of bigger groups to promote the Holy It! message was a natural progression.

Q.  “What qualifies you to write a book?”

A.  Someone asked me this at a talk I gave in Raleigh, NC.  My answer?  If you have something inside you that would benefit others, congratulations, you are qualified to write a book!  Seriously, if you can’t write, hire a ghost writer.  If you can write, then write…and get a ton of people to read your manuscript.

Q.  What type of events will I speak at?

A.  For high schoolers – graduations or events for seniors.  For college students – Convocations, orientation and graduation-related events.  Conferences for young adults.  For business audiences – conferences, leadership meetings, large seminars.

Q.  What books have most influenced you?

A.  Love is the Killer App, Talent is Never Enough, Getting Things Done, am I being kind and everything Andy Andrews.

Q.  Where foreign lands have you traveled to?

A.  St. John, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and New Jersey.

Q.  What music is on your iPod?

A.  Matchbox 20, Everclear, Goo Goo Dolls, BNL (before Steven left), Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift (for my daughter, I swear)

Q.  How did you get past the junk you dealt with in high school?

A.  I got around good people, started to believe that I was loved and realized that nothing was REALLY that big of a deal.  I STOPPED drinking in 11th grade and never started again.  I stopped taking myself too seriously.

Q.  Did you really shake O.J. Simpson’s hand at a funeral?

A.  Yup

Q.  You’re kind of short, were you seriously a captain of your high school football team?

A.  Have a big heart and hit hard – it’ll get you noticed.

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