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Kind words from college students who’ve heard Scott speak:

“…I walked away feeling very empowered and ready to take on my future. From Scott’s motivational speech I learned that my success doesn’t necessarily depend on the major I choose but my happiness depends on the way in which I choose my major.”

“I really enjoyed Scott Wittig’s speech. I feel like it was purposely designed for me, since I’m struggling to discover what I want to do with my life. I feel as if his speech gave me the direction I needed to continue to pursue my goal. When he told us of how older people told him that they wished they had heard his speech when they were in college, it made me realize that I have a great opportunity.”

“He kept my attention the whole time and gave me alot to think about during and after his presentation. My new realization is that I’m not the only 21 year old that doesn’t have her whole life mapped out, but what does matter is that I know how to go about making the best best choices for my future. I now take more time to sit and think, to get to and go beyond my starting point, and enjoy being a better me. I’m glad I was invited to such a motivating convocation.”

“The inspiring words of Scott Wittig have encouraged me to explore my desires and find my “it” to discover my purpose in life. I have always known to put my passion before money but the statistics he showed on success rates through this way of life proved to me even more how important passion is.  If I find my purpose in life, set more goals, follow my passion, and change as many lives as possible, I’m sure I will excel in whatever I desire.”

“…he touched my heart and even made me a bit teary eyed. I think through all the advice and insight, he wanted us, as college students, to really go after what WE want out of life. As a result of this Convocation event, I have started to reassign what it is that I truly desire out of my own life and who exactly is involved in that success. Friends, family, God, and Scott Wittig’s wise words are staying with me forever and just might get me to find success through my passion in life.”

 “As Mr. Wittig moved into the heart of his speech, encouraging us to find our passion and purpose, I genuinely felt even more captivated in my search for what my path will be. The event was truly an awakening, I have made the decision to be engaged in every opportunity I have today, and prepared for every decision I will make in the future.“

 “I thought the speaker was great and roughly two weeks later I still enjoyed it. He is speaking about what is currently troubling me.  I am motivated to discover my “it” because I want to be satisfied with my job and also have time to experience life.”

 “I want to be as passionate about my career choice as the speaker that told us about his life. I want to design my future so that I will not have any regrets on the choices I will make. The speaker motivated me to realize that even though I am only one person I can still make a change in the world.”

“After leaving Convocation, I was shocked at the impact the speaker had on the audience. I was suprised that a message as simple as “finding your ‘it'” could have such a huge effect on others. Looking back, I understand this concept more and hope to apply it more to my life.”

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