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“Scott nails it with this powerful little book with a curious title.  Not only did I enjoy it but I gave it to my college age kids as a must read.  Life is short and we spend the majority of our waking hours in our offices.  Scott’s take on doing what you love hits the mark.”

Daniel Harkavy | CEO & Head Coach | Building Champions


There’s no point in Getting Things Done or aspiring to a 4-Hour Workweek until your discover your IT! You need to know what IT drives you, compels you, fills you with passion. Holy IT! is a must read for anyone struggling to figure out their passion in life!”

Andy Beal, CEO of and and author of Radically Transparent


Scott – You will touch the masses because you have put into words what others think but can’t say so eloquently and sincerely. Without going into it, I am sure you’re a busy man now, your book has taken away any excuses I have given myself to not shine. After all, my biggest IT is raising 2 girls, and being their role model. If I don’t contribute my best self to this world, how can I expect them to? Thanks for reminding me what is important. This book couldn’t have stepped into my life at a better time. Glad to know ya!

Lynn Lovallo


Holy IT! – what do you really want to do with your life? Scott Wittig says there are three key P’s – Passion, Purpose, and Project.

I’ve had all three down cold since I was in grade school. My hurdle – is getting paid for my work. When I created a show years ago called “The Book Page,” my radio station news director told me to go ahead – just do it on my own time. Then, I interviewed authors and produced a daily national book show called “Between the Lines” and got paid the equivalent of minimum wage. Most of this following-my-passion stuff I have done for close to free, for the greater good, for the love of it. And, still, somehow, enough money comes in to keep a roof over my head.

So I’m reading Scott Wittig’s book thinking “show me the money,” and he quotes Jerry McGuire – but not that part. The part about the Tom Cruise character staying up all night, creating a document he believes will change his industry forever. And he gets fired for it. But, he believes in it. So, in essence, Jerry wins. Okay, I’m back on course again. One of the frustrations of following your Passion is that sometimes the rewards are not obvious. I remember what James Lee Burke once said to me in an interview about the success of his books:

Never keep score. The score takes care of itself.Bear down on the batter one pitch at a time… and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the arithmetic on the scoreboard at the bottom of the ninth.

And now I have done a complete freakin’ U-ie on this day. Wittig’s little book Holy IT! reminds me of what I already know – what we all know.

For me, it’s all the amazing people I’ve interviewed over the years! The inspiration I’ve been granted, and, in turn, have made the cornerstone of my career – to inspire others! Yes, I am fortunate. That informal education of reading and interviewing that I gave my time to – I got a lot from. And support! I consider that powerhouse Workshop I’m in – with Chuck Palahniuk, Chelsea Cain, and seven other phenomenal writers – some of whom you will also soon recognize as they also hit the bestseller lists within a few years. OMG! I love books! Whatever my mood or desire, I can put my hand out, and touch the perfect book to read.

One of the most powerful parts of Wittig’s book is a suggestion he has in every chapter. What he suggests is not a gift of mine, but he is right, and I will do it. He writes “GET QUIET.”

I think I will. See you tomorrow.

Diana Page Jordan, famed book reviewer


In his book, “Holy IT!: A Guide to Finding and Doing Your Thing,” Scott challenges readers to identify his/her passions then pushes them to accomplish those ambitions. “Holy IT!” is not a lofty idealist script for those who want to sit and dream; it is a book for those who want to use practical skills – perhaps skills they don’t know they have until employing some of the techniques posed by Scott – to accomplish goals and change their lives for the better. Unlike other self-improvement books, Scott let his readers know that this is a long, hard-fought journey – in other words, this book is real.

I recommend this book to anyone who has thought, “what else can I be doing?” “Holy IT!” demonstrates how it is possible for anyone with a busy life and responsibilities and doubts to move past obstacles and actually do their IT!

-Katherine T.


Not only does this book help you find what you should be doing in life, but it then gives you guidance and motivation to take action. Well written with lots of inspiring real life stories and thinking outside the box exercises. Would be a great gift to yourself or anyone else looking for their “it” or how to start doing “it”.

J. Thompson


This was a great read. Ideal for anyone who is “stuck” and trying to figure out what their next step should be. Not just in your career, but life, school, anything. Very inspiring and easy to read.

A. Cain


Scott Wittig has hit the nail on the head with Holy IT!. Too often people use the words purpose, passion and project interchangeably. In fact, they are very different and Holy IT! will walk readers through the nuances of each. If you’ve ever wondered “Is this all there is?”, then get a copy of Holy IT! and discover the “IT” that you were born to do. Holy IT! raises the self-help, motivational book bar and gives you a chance to finally “Get Your IT On!”

Olalah Njenga, Author of Thirty Seven ‘What Were They Thinking?’ Moments in Marketing


I am not a person who generally reads management or self-help books, but this one is different. It actually helps you think through the process, instead of just telling you what to think. Keep an open mind – you may be surprised at what happens.

K Rogers


Scott’s book is at once interesting and invigorating. Whether you are clear on your purpose or interested in gaining clarity, you have to check this one out. Part book, part workshop, its as interactive as a book can be. Get it and go ahead and change your life, why not.

Gary Davis, Author of Networking in the South


I just read and enjoyed Scott’s book. I can say that I have gone through the process that is laid out–making a decision based on passion, moving toward making it happen, being worried that it will happen, afraid to share my idea with others and having it squashed when I did – which of course is all covered in this book along with what to do about each.

I believe in the message presented in Scott’s book. It will lead you to/through the truth of your life and the truth can literally set you free.

Angela Ursprung


Many of us are not living to our potential. We are not living out our strengths and talents each day. Living on, and to, our purpose is what life is all about (or at least it should be). There are, however, few that enjoy lives of clarity and purpose. But what to do? How do we figure out our “IT” and get down to living it?

We must get curious, and in motion (mental, emotional *and* physical ‘motion’). In the beginning of “HolyIT!: A Guide to Finding and Doing Your Thing — Your ‘IT'” Scott asks: “what are [we] doing about what [we’re] not doing?” As a coach I love good questions and that’s a doozy.

In my work one of the things I focus on is energy management, and mastery. Scott describes, accurately and usefully, that we are experiencing another sort of energy crisis in our lives. By not knowing and living our unique purpose (and gifts and talents) — our “IT” — we are wasting our energy.

What is more, (in my opinion:) so much of our stress, discontent and unhappiness come from living lives of someone else’s design. We muddle through life running unconscious scripts not even knowing that our lives are not our own. This sort of life comes from (unconsciously) living out what family, friends and society (i.e. advertising and the culture of consumerism) seem to want for us. Scott’s book is an antidote for that sort of thing. More than anything, “Holy IT!” is about clarity; about knowing who you really are and what you really want.

Scott Wittig offers a different sort of life, and, more importantly, a roadmap for transforming our lives. Do you want to live more authentically? A life with less stress, more joy? Of course, we all do. Living the “good life” is not about stuff, status or any of that, it’s about living our “IT.

I love how Scott helps us to understand that it’s not about finding “IT,” it *is* about finding *our* it. Will it take some thought, some introspection, even maybe some journaling to uncover our “IT?” Absolutely, and that’s part of the fun. Once we have uncovered our “IT” we can start living it.

Living out what we each are here to do, to be, is the key to decreasing the friction and resistance of life. As I mentioned at the outset, much of the pain, or discomfort, or even just mild annoyance in our life is borne of inauthenticity — living out someone else’s design or plan for our lives.

I recommend Scott’s book as well as his doIT Groups. Following up on the excellent ideas and practices in “Holy IT!” with a coaching and support group is very important. Without the ideas, support and accountability of others engaged in a similar pursuit, there is little chance of knowing and growing our IT and living authentically and *on purpose.*

Thank you Scott for a wonderful, helpful and timely book, and for sharing so much of yourself.

Matt Hawley, Coach

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