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Red Balloon

We created The Red Balloon Project to serve seriously-ill children. Our team of passionate volunteers puts on themed parties to help these kids’ worries float away for a day like a red balloon. Borrowing from the Unbirthday Party scene in Alice in Wonderland, our parties are for a reason, yet no reason at all. We all have 364 unbirthdays a year so there’s reason enough to celebrate on any idea, especially when you’re young and living through a health battle.

Our first party was June 10, 2017 and was a huge success! Our team of “red shirts” (our leadership team) uses the hashtag #wegetpaidwithsmiles and there were MANY smiles that day. We served 11 little girls at our princess-themed party. Each girl was encouraged to invite her own group of friends and family to have her own party inside of a larger one. After her entrance on a horse drawn carriage, each girl was welcomed by a group of “real” princesses – contestants from the Miss North Carolina Pageant in full pageant attire…ball gown, crown and sash.

After going through a series of party stations that included decorating crowns and cupcakes, the girls had fun in a photo booth and enjoyed a DJ-hosted party with aerialists performing for them. The crowning moment came as they exited the party when they were literally crowned by their personal princess who then invited their little girl they had hosted throughout the party to join her on stage at the Miss North Carolina Scholarship Pageant.

Our leadership team and our army of volunteers cannot wait to do this over and over for medically fragile little kids in North Carolina.

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