• Scott Wittig

A Note to Know-It-Alls

If you know it all, why are you listening?

If you know it all, why are you watching?

If you know it all, why are you reading?

If you know it all, why aren’t you speaking?

If you know it all, share.

Those words came to me as I read feedback from a recent talk I gave at a university. Along with many kind words for which I am thankful, these words jumped off the page – “Had heard everything before.”

Exactly!  That’s why I was in front of the audience.

I believe anyone who feels like they’ve heard it all before has every right – perhaps even a responsibility – to get in front of an audience and share how they heard it. The one set of ears (or 64 out of 65 sets of ears, in my case) who may not have heard it all before deserves to hear how you heard it. They deserve to hear your stories, your perspective.

Stand up and speak. Go write your book. You may know it all about what you know all about – the world needs to hear it.

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