• Scott Wittig

Goal: Be Out of Breath

I listened in on an educational conference call today.  The presenter was Daniel Harkavy, CEO of Building Champions.  Daniel was talking about the importance of creating, and owning, a Life Plan.  I won’t use this post to extol its virtues, except to say that I am a believer in having a Life Plan and mine has changed my life. 

What struck me about this call was Daniel’s passion for what he does.  At various points during the call, he sounded like he had just climbed a flight of stairs.  He cared so much about what he was saying and the importance of getting his point across for impact that he was out of breath when he spoke.

What do you care so much about that you are out of breath when you talk about it?  If you don’t have an answer, give it some serious thought and consider using some resources to find that thing that will get you all jacked up when you talk about it.

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