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Have a “To Be” List

Michael J. Chase is the man.  He has written a book called am I being kind and started The Kindness Center.  I am just about finished with this phenomenal book with a much-needed message. 

Right near the end, Michael teaches the “9 elements of a kind heart.”  A suggestion he made at the end of this chapter is one that I think we can all learn something from —  to have a “To Be” list that we work from each day.

We all know what a to-do list is (and some of us use one better than others).  In my book Holy IT!, I lay out a methodology for getting into action on that thing in life that you and those around you know that you should be doing, but you aren’t.  I contend that some of the greatest influences on getting going on your ‘IT’ are your attitude, your perspective and who you surround yourself with.   Utilizing a “To Be” list in relation to doing your ‘IT’ might look something like this:

Today I will be….more mindful of who my cheerleaders are.

Today I will be….unwavering in my decision to act on ‘IT’

Today I will be….in action.

This strategy should be tied in with whatever other “starting the day” things that you do, whether that is exercise, prayer, meditation or just thinking while you’re shaving!  Build a minute into your routine where you actually sit and think about what you are going to be (while doing what you are going to do) will take you one step closer to being able to say, “I’m doing IT!”

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