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Helping Young Adults

I recorded an interview for a news segment called “Good Things” for WRAL-TV last week. (UPDATE – here is a link to the interview) – I pitched them on the idea that the message from my second book, entitled “The Second Day,” may be helpful to young adults – young adults who may be suffering. I suffered mightily in high school and the Newtown, CT shootings motivated me to do my little part to try to help by way of doing this interview (to air later this week).

An interesting thing happened on the way to the end of the interview — I found myself highlighting good stuff other people had done. There I was, with the opportunity to “pitch my book” and I’m pretty sure I spent more time talking about sites like and my dear friend Michael J. Chase who started “The Kindness Center.”

Some may say I missed an opportunity…I wouldn’t.

You see, the epiphany I had after trying to take my own life twice in my teenage years was that I can serve others. Life is bigger than just little old me. I have a purpose for being here and it is founded in my ability to help others achieve. I truly believe that young adults who feel they have no worth can be saved simply by a nudge – a nudge toward others they can serve. I call that their “second day.”

Adults – press the space bar and help the young adults in your life go from inaction to action with serving others. It may just save a life, or 26.

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