• Scott Wittig

Hey, Come Back Here!

It’s really interesting that you can find a lesson to be learned in just about all that you do – if you have your antennae up!  Recently, I was sitting in left field at my daughters t-ball game.  They don’t usually hit the ball very far (so it’s ok to sit out there as a parent) but one kid got hold of one and it went screaming past one of the outfielders toward the fence.  The boy had two choices – one was to be upset and make a fuss that the ball got past him and the other was the one he chose.  I heard him say as he turned to chase after the ball, “Hey, get back here ball….you’re not getting away from me….get back here you crazy little ball.”

It was so stinkin’ cute and made me think about the “default to negative” that I wrote about in ‘Holy IT!’  This little boy is either wired differently than so many others or is being brought up in an environment of positivity….or maybe a little bit of both.  I think we can all learn from him and, when all of the balls that we have up in the air feel like they are starting to get away from us, we can find the positive and have fun with it like he did.  Go ahead, say it outloud when this happens to you – “Get back here you crazy little ball.”

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