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Holy IT! – Book Signing & Discussion

UPDATE – this was an incredible event.  My thanks to all who came and all who spoke.  Note to self, don’t schedule yourself to talk AFTER a TV news anchor, a professional clown in full makeup and a professional speaker!

Please join us on February 9th at 7pm.  You will hear from people like Pam Saulsby from WRAL-TV – and others who have read Holy IT! – about the lessons they’ve learned from it and how it has affected their lives. I will give a short talk and read a few of my favorite passages as well.

The Healing Place of Wake County is a facility in Raleigh that serves homeless men and women who are suffering from addiction. Lisa Rousseau, an employee there, is featured in my book and has been kind enough to offer to host this event. I’ve been to a similar event at The Healing Place in the past and it was incredibly moving because the residents participate, not only by listening to the speaker(s) but in another surprising and fun way that you can only fully appreciate by being there!

Find me on Facebook and RSVP there or comment on this post.

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