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How God Works

He works in really cool ways, that’s how He works. 

So I started the journey of writing my book and starting my mastermind groups right after a really eye-opening experience a couple of years ago.  Ella Newmiller, the 5yr old friend of my then 5yr old daughter, also named Ella, was diagnosed with an inoperable, malignant brain tumor on her brain stem.  The experiences that followed her diagnosis – being involved with the planning of her kick-butt birthday party and a fundraiser for her family – changed my life.

One of the ways they changed my life is by causing me to wear a pink bracelet on my arm (to this day) in support of her and her family.  On the bracelet it says, “Behold, I will do a new thing…   Isaiah 43:19  Ella’s Miracle”   This passage was adopted by all when it was determined that we all needed to pray for a miracle for Ella (which He is still working on).

Sitting in the sauna at the gym today, I looked at my bracelet and realized that my book fully describes a process for people that will help them to “Do a new thing.”  That is essentially the purpose of the book – to get you doing what you know you should be doing, but aren’t – A NEW THING.

So, I guess that’s how God works – He links everything around us together, but leaves it to us to live our lives in a way that, if done “correctly,” allows us to see all of those links.  Like I said, He works in really cool ways!

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