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Not Waiting

Guest post I wrote for Jeff Marsocci at

“You make believe that everything is ok until you’re cryin’. You make believe that life is too long until you’re dyin’.”

I used that quote from Limp Bizkit in my book, ‘Holy It! A Guide to Doing Your Thing – Your ‘It’.  The book is all about finding that thing in life that you are called to do…and actually acting on it.  So let’s say you actually do that – you find your calling and work really hard to make it a success.  It doesn’t matter what ‘It’ is.  ‘It’ may just take every bit of your time and energy because you are so passionate about it.  You get those closest to you really psyched about it and they become your cheerleaders.  You go after it like there is no tomorrow.  And then there is no tomorrow.  You get hit by the proverbial bus – a brain bleed, the BIG ONE or maybe you really get hit by a bus (it happens).  It doesn’t matter how you go, you’re just gone.  Now, all of those people that were so stoked about your success are equally un-stoked about the hot mess you left behind.  You weren’t selfish when you shared your talents and passion while you were alive – don’t be selfish when it’s time for you to exit stage left.  Get your stuff in order with the help of someone like Jeff (Marsocci).  Doing so may just allow those left behind to get on with sharing their ‘It’ with the world rather than sifting through your mess.

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