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Reach High – Don’t Be Scairt

There is a Mt. Everest goal of your choosing no matter what you’re doing.  If you’ve identified something that you’re passionate about and really want to go after, figure out what that peak looks like, write it down, tell others what it is…..and then do some “crazy” stuff.

I want to reach the masses and get my book to the tipping point.  I wrote this in the book and I’ll write it here – it’s not about the money, it’s about impacting as many lives as possible in a positive way.  It sounds like Nate Berkus (of Oprah fame) is doing the same thing with his new show.  So what did I do?  I just sent him an email.  I have no idea if he’ll get it, but I wrote it from the heart and sent it.  Famous people read their email too, you know.

So what does “reaching high” look like for you?  Are you a young golfer who’d love a lesson from Tiger?  Network around.  You may not get him, but you may get his college coach.  Do you want to become a professional speaker and want to learn from the best?  Reach out to a top shelf speaker – he or she had a mentor way back when.

Whatever your Mt. Everest looks like, starting out with some high reaches to the top may just get you there more quickly.  Don’t be scairt – they can’t eat you.

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