• Scott Wittig

Support and Be Supported

“What goes around comes around.”  “Do unto others.”  “Treat others like you wan’t to be treated.”

We’ve heard these statements throughout our lives.  Well, I am living out these idioms in a really cool and different way — with a clown, of course!

I highlighted Hubba Bubba the clown in Holy IT!  and we have developed a very cool friendship (and working relationship) from this.  His story is the epitome of my message about doing what you are called to do.  Not only is he doing what he loves, he is also utilizing his skills and abilities that were developed in his “previous life” – i.e. in his previous jobs.  We could all be so fortunate!

After Hubba Bubba opened for me at a talk I gave the other day, I joked that, “Johnny Carson had Ed McMahon….I’ve got Hubba Bubba.”  I will continue to support Hubba Bubba by having him at talks and events where I present and he will continue to support me by sharing my message with whomever he can.

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