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Use the Spacebar – A Perspective on Fixing the Violence Problem in America

Have a look at your keyboard. See the big, long key at the bottom? At first glance, you may think it holds less importance because it doesn’t have any letters or symbols on it like the other keys. I beg to differ.


The pressing of that long key creates a space. And when that space is put into the word ‘inaction’ it takes on an awful lot of significance.

Inaction vs. in action

That one space represents the change from complacency to doing.

The blogosphere and social media have lit up since the massacre in Newtown, CT. We all have the ability to express our opinion in America and we are doing so with passion that is fueled by anger, fear and disgust.

No one is right.

We all are.

No one has the answer.

We all do.

Since we all have differing opinions about the cause of horrific events like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary, I propose we do this:  Pick your cause. Choose your solution. Find your angle. Then, go do something to help with fixing THAT. You may opt to learn as much as you can about mental illness; how to identify it and what to do to help someone suffering from it. You may research the many organizations that exist to fight school violence. You may examine gun control perspectives.

Once you’ve done that, use your platform and educate us. Let your knowledge and information ooze out with your passion behind it. Tell us why, and why not.

When I posted an abbreviated version of this message as my Facebook status, I received the following comment, “Maybe people should interact with people with a mental illness instead of shunning them away!!!” This comment alone helped ME identify what I will be learning more about and sharing with you – mental illness. Why did that comment hit me between the eyes and inspire me to go from inaction to being in action? It was written by someone suffering from bi-polar disorder and a severe learning disability.

My sister.

She claims that her comment was not directed at me. Whether it was or wasn’t, it’s going to help me hit the spacebar. I’ll start here .

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