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How Did You Write a Book?

So I’ve just finished my first book, Holy IT! As I’ve started to get the word out about it, a lot of people have asked me how the heck I managed to write a book while working full-time as the sole breadwinner for my young family and dealing with all of the curveballs of life at the same time.  The short answer is, “I found the right thing – the thing I truly needed to be doing.”

The longer answer is that it wasn’t done quickly, it took a lot of discipline and perseverance and it required the help of others, big time.  The key is to find your ‘IT’ – you’re “right thing.”  If you’re floundering around and not taking action on something, you probably haven’t found IT.  If you’re finding excuses to not do something, you probably haven’t found IT.  If you start something, then get bored with it and start something else, you probably haven’t found IT. 

When you keep coming back to something, over and over – no matter what life challenge gets in the way or diverts you – you’ve probably found IT.  That was my experience – I determined that I am here to “Help Others Achieve’ and writing the book was my big, audacious way of doing just that.

You’ll find yours after some exploration, input from others and a couple of times when you realize it’s back in your lap…again and again!

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