• Scott Wittig

Why Do I Care?

In the marketing world, they love to ask that question. When you are strategizing about how to position your product in the marketplace, marketing experts will lob that one back at you. They ask because they know the end user, the customer, is going to ask the same thing when they see advertisements and consider purchasing the product.

I recently asked myself the same question, but it wasn’t about a product, per se. It was about my health and I asked it when I got my blood test results from my annual physical. Thankfully, all of my levels were right where they should be with the exception of one. That one wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t perfect either. I found myself on the computer trying to learn all that I could about it and then I stopped for a second and said to myself, “Why do I care?”

The answer seems obvious – it’s your health…duh….of course you should care. But really, why do you care about your health? Go a little deeper than the surface level that you typically stop at in life. What matters about your health? Who is affected by your health? What gives if your health gives?

Somewhere in those answers is the answer to why you are here and what is truly important to you. Taking the time to come up with those answers is an exercise I highly recommend. It could just save your life because you may actually do something about your health because you have now truly tied the reasons for good health to something tangible rather than just trying to be healthy… be healthy.

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